What's New?

Next Update Preview

‣ Remake questionnaire result and visualization interface
‣ Add online data analysis interface
‣ Add AI-based analysis function

2023.11.27 LHQ 3.3 Update

‣ The questionnaire is compatible with mobile devices (e.g., cell phones, tablets).
‣ QR code is available for distributing the questionnaire.
‣ Number of participants can be adjusted after creating the questionnaire.
‣ The FAQs and What's New pages are available.

2022.04.27 LHQ 3.2 Update

‣ LHQ3 uses a new domain.
‣ Users from Mainland China can visit LHQ3 system without using a VPN.
‣ The Docs and PDFs pages are available.

2021.03.26 LHQ 3.1 Update

‣ The Data Result page is enhanced.
‣ Data visualization is available on the Data Result page.
‣ Prolific integration is available.
‣ Custom integration (e.g. for Gorilla) is available.

2019.04.22 LHQ 3 Launch

‣ Enhanced account management interface.
‣ New questionnaire management interface.
‣ An automatic scoring system: Aggregated scores.