Create and distribute your questionnaire

This is a step-by-step tutorial to create a questionnaire in LHQ3.

Step 0: Create/Login your LHQ3 Account

First of all, an LHQ3 account has to be created and login to use the LHQ3 services. By clicking the “Sign in/Sign up LHQ3.0” link, you can create an new account on the “Sign Up” panel of the redirected page.

If you already have an LHQ3 account, please sign in LHQ3 via the “Sign In” panel.

Step 0.5: Familiar with Management Panel

After login into LHQ3, you will be directed to the “Management Panel” page. You can create, delete and activate/deactivate your questionnaires. Also, “Management Panel” allows you download the participants roster and retrieve the questionnaire results.


Step 1: Basic setup for LHQ

By clicking the “+” button on the management panel, you will be directed to the page of “New Questionnaire Creation”. You have to set up the basic parameters of your questionnaire, like title, number of participants, language and so on.

Notably, the feature options “Select LHQ type Modular and Itemized”, “Select LHQ language Proofreading and Machine Translation”, “Select ID type that fits your need, if applicable Participant ID Type” are illustrated in separate sections.


Step 2: Preview your LHQ

After all the basic parameters are set up, you can click the “Preview your questionnaire” button. Then you can preview the questionnaire created by your setup.

If everything is okay, you can scroll down to the bottom of page and click the “Generate questionnaire” button.

Step 3: Review the useful information of your LHQ

After you generated a questionnaire, a success page would be directed. In this page, you can review the link of your questionnaire. If you choose to use the participant ID generated by LHQ3, you can download the participant roster as well.

If you close this page accidentally, don’t worry, you can retrieve this information either management panel of LHQ3 or the confirmation email in your mailbox.

Modular and Itemized

The Full LHQ contains 27 questions. To limit the number of questions sent to your participants, please select ‘Modular’ to choose the questions by category or ‘Itemized’ to select questions individually.

If you select the option ‘Modular’ or ‘Itemized’ here, you can choose the corresponding questions in the step of “Preview your questionnaire”.


Proofreading and Machine Translation

The LHQ3 has 42 languages versions so far. Several of the versions were proofread by our volunteers Acknowledgement, the rest of them were translated by Google Translation according to the English version.

THe proofread ones are noted with ‘*’.

Participant ID Type

The choice of participant ID type depends on how your participants access the LHQ.

If you are not familiar with programming or the online recruitment platform, please select the option “LHQ3 ID”. With this option, a roster with participant’s login ID will be generated base on this. The participants will need to use this ID to access this questionnaire.

If you tend to use Prolific to recruit participants, see Create and distribute your questionnaire (Prolific).

If you tend to embed LHQ into you own application, see Create and distribute your questionnaire (Customized).